V6: the sweep1 not appears immediately

In v6:
when you run the command Sweep1 the form it is not created instantaneously (It is not immediately displayed), to show it need to act on one of the options, type freeform, Roadlike, etc.
It will definitely be a bug!

Hi Davide - thanks, I see that.



Thanks Pascal, I have posted two more bugs found in v6.

They still communicate: in Rhino 6 Wip (build 11.04.2017) the preview of the command “sweep1” does not appear immediately, but must act first on one of the parameters available to make everything look. I thought it was already corrected…

Hi Davide- as far as I know this has been fixed in the most recent WIP build.



Doing controversy, but my reporting dates back some 10 months ago, and thought to have been settled: it is trivial to fix, nothing important.
Thank you.