V6 SR4 RC1 problem - constant "Transforming subobjects... Press Esc to cancel"

Just installed the latest SR4 RC1. Every object I touch and move/nudge, results in Rhino printing that to the command line resulting in major slowdown. Something is wacky here…
“Transforming subobjects… Press Esc to cancel”.

Hi Jarek - I did not see this at any point in the SR4 testing so far - I should say I did not notice it - but I did test this today, which might have been a recently introduced then fixed bug



Hi Pascal - to clarify - it happens with regular objects, i am not touching any subobjects at all.

EDIT: @Pascal - here is how it looks:

In case that may be connected, by default we have the TestToggleSubObjectSelect set to DISABLED.
Sub-object selection with Control+Shift disabled. But this problem happens both when it is enabled or disabled.

Hi Jarek - sorry for the delay - I see this in the latest build here now as well.