V6 SR18 for Rhino Mac ! Not saving work - objects disappearing in a weird way

Would like to bring your attention that rhino 6 SR18 happens to not save some work. I don’t mean by pushing command+S, but for example, while working on a project, I created many surfaces (walls), some stairs…etc. 10 or 15 min later, some of them disappeared !

I suggest you do not use the service release candidate for critical work !!! :slight_smile:

Thanks @gari.kun for bringing this to our attention. This seems like a very large problem indeed. Can you help us reproduce this on our machines? Any details, examples, steps, or files you can provide would be helpful. If we can reproduce this, fixing it would like be our top priority over all other issues.

@dan I sent you all informations by message, including the 3dm file.

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Thanks @gari.kun! I’ll keep working to reproduce this (I can’t yet!) so any more detailed steps you can provide would be awesome.

Anyone else seeing anything like this in 6.18? If so, please let us know.

@gari.kun Can you please send me a screen shot of Rhinoceros > About Rhinoceros in your Rhino for Mac 6.18? I’m wondering if you’re using an evaluation license key that’s expired.

@gari.kun thanks for the screen shot - the licensing seems fine. This is quite a puzzle!