V6 rendered mode - I really don't get it

What SR do you have?


…Try the 6.11 Release Candidate…

I’ll install it later today for you Mitch to help out.
Umm , but why would I want to create a problem I don’t have?

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It’s not necessary… The likelihood is you will see what I’m seeing afterward, see post #17 above…

Yep I’m seeing what you’re seeing now.

Was afraid of that…

It sounds like David’s fixes that he mentioned in post 22 above have not made it into SR11 release candidate yet.

Hi Mitch,

At first impressions this looks like a lighting issue , it looks like terrain at sunset with a very low angle of light and with harsh contrast. I have another question, when you use a different colour for back faces the colour is visible on both sides of the object regardless of the normal direction.

I just chatted with David Eranen about this. There was a regression in SR11 that he fixed, but it hasn’t been published yet. Hopefully we will have an SR11 release candidate later today that will have David’s fix in it.

Yep, that’s exactly it, there is another post by me showing this situation with a more mechanical object.

This looks fixed in the SR11 RC that came in this morning, thanks!

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Hi guys, am I on the last one, or an earlier one here:

Those coordinates are in mm

It’s Version 6 SR11
(6.11.18331.19171, 27.11.2018)

Yeah, I am seeing something similar here:

Zoomed out:

Zoomed in a bit more (3 mousewheel “clicks”):

And some more (another 3):

Yes, the objects are far from the origin, again they are geo-referenced. The view center is about [500,000,150,000,0] - file in mm, it’s a 1:1000 scale mass model for production.

(6.11.18331.19171, 27-11-18)


Does the problem go away if you type in “TestToggleBuiltInFrontFacing”?


Unknown command here…

Okay, I think that command is only in 6.12. I can repeat the problem now and I know what is causing it. Thanks for reporting.


Edit: YouTrack item: https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-49748

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May I ask what the front-facing thing is doing? Is it checking the direction of the mesh vertice and failing due to a high number? If so then that surprises me since 100 000 doesn’t appear to be very big number for a novice like me :slight_smile:

David was working around a display driver bug that happens on some Intel GPU based Macs. He’s going to set the code up so this workaround really only occurs on that specific system.

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RH-49748 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate

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