V6 Rendered Display Mode - Material Question

Rendered display mode in the latest WIP is looking really promising.

I’m trying to create a sheet of glass with an area in the middle that is frosted but fades to clear in both directions. I tried adding a gradient noise map to a bump channel in the glass without any luck – is it just something that isn’t supported by Rendered display mode, or am I missing something else?



You’d need a blend material that takes a texture as input for the transition. In your example a linear gradient and two glass materials one of which is frosted would be used. The Rendered display mode doesn’t support glossy refraction to show this even if it were possible but the Raytraced mode does.

I’ve filed a feature request for this material type as RH-34058 for future reference. It’s currently a feature request only visible to the developers and it’s not scheduled for v6.

FYI @andy @nathanletwory

Thanks Brian- glad it’s on the list.