V6 Plug-in compiler


Can the plug-in compiler for V5 be tweaked to work with Rhino V6 - or is this a complete re-write ?


(posted earlier but seems to have been deleted)

There will be a lot more Rhino 6 developer information forthcoming. But for now I can tell you that if you write plug-in in C++ you will need a newer version of Visual Studio. Which one, however, will be determined by how long it takes to ship Rhino 6. For example, we care currently using Visual C++ 2013 but Visual C++ 2014 is coming out very soon.

For .NET plug-ins, you may need a new version of Visual Studio. Microsoft make many .NET tools available for free, so this shouldn’t be much of an issue for anyone.

In regards to your source code, neither C++ plug-ins or .NET plug-ins will need to be completely rewritten. In many cases, a simple recompile is all that will be required.

But like I said, there will be a lot more information coming (soon I hope).

– Dale

Per recent announcement, it’ll be called Visual Studio 2015 :smile: