V6 opening V7 file?

I was just opening Rhino V6 after a computer restart and it asked about file recovery. I said yes and it opened this file, which I had opened in V7 to see the new Sub-D tools.

Should this be happening?


Hi Randy - “should” as in currently expected behavior, yes.
At the moment, Rhino 6 and Rhino 7 on the Mac share the same preferences - leading to situations like this. It is my understanding that this will be looked into.

Thanks Wim,

good to know!


Is that dark theme part of WIP7 or custom changes in Rhino advanced options?

dark theme macOS and I believe it works in V6. But since I have 7WIP open I can’t confirm right now.

Thanks for the reply. So it is an OS theme as opposed to application theme/skin? I’m on a Windows 10 box.

Yes it is the dark theme for macOS.

Dark & light