V6 make 2D of mesh issues

Tried the new make 2D and here is a bug scenario. It has issues with figuring out if a line is trimmed by a surface or by another curve.

Also if I Ngonulate the mesh then the top surface will cause some make2d issues too.

Keep in mind: This is a typical architect model, messy, unaccurate and nasty. So being able to generate pretty clean make2D results from it is quite important for an efficient workflow.

  • I wish for an intersection option like Technical Display mode has.

v6 make2d mesh hidden lines.3dm (178.1 KB)


Hi Jorgen- I see that, thanks.



I don’t compute intersections between meshes now or surfaces for that matter.

Hi Greg, I might missunderstand, but this is not about instersections, but about where the curves intersect, so they are visible or hidden at the right spot. Look at the stair, the steps are clipped correctly by one side of the “box” but not by the other.

The line of the stair transitions from hidden to visible where it
intersects the big block. But that intersection is not part of the model.
So I would have to compute the intersection between objects as part of
Make2D. Too see this run SplitDisjoint Mesh then MeshIntersect. Just
having this intersection curve in the model is enough so that Make2d now
does the hiding correctly.

Hi Greg,
I don’t understand what you mean, do you mean it will not do this correctly in the future either?

I’m not saying never. I’m saying the old Make2D was never able to do that, and my new Make2D currently doesn’t handle that. I’ll have to add something to make that work. It goes in the bucket of desired Make2D enhancements.

I’ll be darned… I was 100% sure V5 would handle situations like that regarding nurbs…
But it doesn’t, you are so right!

Well,then it makes sense in a way.

Then please add an calculate intersection option for V6 :smile: