V6: Lost shaded block realtime preview

hi @Pascal,

Looks like we lost the block instance realtime preview (when moving, dragging, etc) - only wireframe moves, the shaded part stays in place until finalized. It used to work OK in V5 and before in V6.
To test:

  1. make a box
  2. switch to shaded or rendered mode
  3. make another box and make it a block
  4. drag the block box to intersect with 1st box - no realtime preview of shaded collision/intersection

this is problematic when placing objects and relying on real-time evaluation of their collisions.

Version 6 SR16
(6.16.19150.22171, 5/30/2019)

thank you,


Hi Jarek - I see it, thanks.


The problem goes back to at least 6.14…


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