V6 License Manager - Not Smart Enough to Understand Multiple Log-ins

I am testing Grasshopper CFD plug-in, which likely needs a user name with no spaces in it, so I created a second user log-in on my computers to test it.

Apparently, V6 fails to understand that there might be two people, or in this case, the same person with an alternate login on the same machine.

I was able to use Rhino, but it’s still an aggravating comedy of errors.

Ref: https://github.com/ladybug-tools/butterfly/issues/375#issuecomment-459454837

I’m not sure I understand the problem.

You can change from one user to another in Rhino V6 by logging out.
In V6, type Logout.
Rhino will close.
Start Rhino again and login using a different account.
If you have Rhino licenses in both accounts, then Rhino will start.

You could add your license to a “Team” and send an invitation to the other “user’s” email address.
Then these two different users (as far Rhino Rhino Accounts are concerned), could take turns using the same license.

I am only one Rhino user.

You stated that, but you also stated that for your development work you needed to test it as if you were someone else with a different login name.
I outlined how you can do that using a Team, and share a single license between what looks to our system like two different people.

Did you mean a new Windows account on your machines?

Yes. The programs that LB|HB|Butterfly interfaces with typically have problems with directories with spaces. It sounds a bit like the Grasshopper Special Folders > Components Folder [i.e. `C:\Users\User_Name\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\Libraries`] is causing problems…

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Thank you Dekeyser.

You are close, but it’s usually OpenFoam that’s the problem. OpenFoam is an open-source Computational Fluid Dynamics solver. It has a proven record, but the makers have not been exactly bending over backwards to support Windows. AFAIK, OpenFoam may be intolerant of spaces in a user name, that’s why I wanted to check with an account named “CFD” . The alternative to OpenFoam is Fluent, which costs some $30,000 a seat, per year.

What upset me, as a user, is the license manager in V6 has generally become more restrictive and cumbersome, and it is reporting false-positives, which will likely be used as a persuasive argument to make Rhino 3D more restrictive, in an big ugly cycle or long-loop.

As a company, McNeel, has been good company, with a supportive staff and historically fair licensing. With very few exceptions Rhino 3D has a remarkably wonderful web-forum. As a product, I love Rhino3D, and there’s not a lot of other software products that I can state that about, and I just don’t want that to change.

I guess this is the part that you’ll have to explain more.
Do you use the Cloud Zoo?

I didn’t think I would need to use the Zoo, because I was adding users on the same machine, and not seats.