V6 layout information in container - bug


in V6 is problem with showing information about scale in container in active layout detail - not actualization with scale change:


V5 is OK:

Hello- yeah- this is a change - there’s no update until the zoom stops. I can’t remember, off hand, what prompted this but I’ll ask the developer.


Thank you for your reply.
But i think it’s illogical. Now is only one update (one step) in the beginning wheel roll and nothing more…
I must close (inactivate) detail to see change…this is unfortunately useless infomartion

Hello, anything new about this?

Thank you.


Hi Chita - Yes! You can re-enable the updating via this setting in Options > Advanced:

Set to False.

The reason for this, it turns out, is that the Occulus Rift style viewers cannot work correctly if the update is on all the time. If the current default really is annoying to users we can flip the defaults and make the 3d viewer worry about turning updating off - that might be a more useful way to set it up.


Hello Pascal,
thank you for your reply. But unfortunately this solution is not working…:confused:


Hi Chita - do you see no difference of that setting is changed?


Yes, i see no difference - false or true - no change…