V6 is sluggish

Hi McNeel’ies and All

I’ve been trying to give V6 a spin on some minor projects, but must say that it is almost impossible for me to work with. I wonder if it’s like that in general, or if it’s just my setup showing its age. I’m on a slightly dated Dell Precision T5600 workstation - Xeon E5-2620 CPU, Quadro 4000 card and 32GB of RAM. V5 and other software (Adobe, Keyshot, SWX) runs without any problems. My main problem with V6 is that it pauses/hangs almost all the time - even on simply commands like ZEA, move and undo. It pauses for 2-10 seconds at a time, somtimes the little blue “busy” circle pops up, somtimes Rhino is just unresponsive. I can’t really pin point what’s going on. I tried turning off history, but to no avail. Is anyone else seeing this, or is it just time for us to upgrade?

TIA, Jakob

Edit: Viewport mode makes no difference either: Wireframe, shaded, rendered… all the same.

Hi @Normand,

Does this also happen with a simple scene with just a sphere in it?

Could you also post the information found in Help -> System Information…


Tried to turn antivirus off? Excluding save-folders?

// Rolf