V6 intial findings

I just downloaded V6 hoping to use it’s subd stuff only to come across constant crashing.
These are the new areas I tried:
Subd crash
subd still crashes even after the current update when pulling points, which the old wip did as well hopefully this will become at least usable?

Make2d on a heavy mesh crash
I got make2d with a mesh working but is very slow also the dialog box and amount of options seem to be a step back for me, none of the things I was hoping for make2d are there.

Raytrace window crash
Render ray trace tab crashes often.
What should I use this for? Is this supposed to be some kind of real time render or a display mode? If it’s a display mode it’s unusable as such and if it’s a render window it’s so tender that once it starts rotating the view it crashes rhino most of the time. At least with my current files maybe on a simple reflecting sphere it works or my materials didn’t translate?

Printing still has no tiled printing option.

Block manager?
Both of these no improvements yet?

My computer is MSI leopard
64 bit windows 10 home
32 gb ram
GeForce GTX 960M
Driver version 359.40

Outside of those few things the wip is running nicely. Thanks for the opportunity to test V6.

Hi Roland,

Note that the “subd stuff” will not be included in the release version of V6… Not sufficiently mature. Crashes are to be expected I guess, send in the reports…


Hi Mitch,
Yes I read that somewhere thanks for the heads up too, but my god it’s not even usable really disappointing.

Raytraced mode is indeed a real-time renderer integration (the Cycles render engine from Blender 3D). It should work on your card as well. If you get a crash again with the Raytraced mode, please be sure to submit a crashdump so I can take a look at it. In the current WIP release it should be quite stable, so I’m very interested in seeing why it crashes for you.

Note that Raytraced isn’t available yet as a render window plug-in through the Rhino WIP builds (currently known as Cycles for Rhino, very long ago Raytraced with Cycles), it was in a very old build though. So be sure to get the latest Rhino WIP build there is. You should not find Cycles for Rhino as a renderer option in the n Current renderer` menu.

If you have any scene that crashes and you are at liberty to share it with us please submit it to me through http://www.rhino3d.com/upload - set as recipient nathan@mcneel.com , then I get notified by the time your file is fully uploaded.

Regarding materials - I’ll be making a push soon for fixing all irregularities with them. Glass with fresnel reflection and other reflective materials are know to give wrong render results. I’ll be addressing them in the coming weeks while I hash out proper shader graphs with my Shader components for Grasshopper tool. I target this work to be completed by mid-June. You can follow development progress in the Rendering-WIP sub-forum - look for topics with Cycles, Raytraced or RhinoCycles.


I’d be interested in following that progress too but your link http://discourse.mcneel.com/c/serengeti/rendering-wip gives me an access denied screen. Do I need special allowances or how does that work?

Thanks and cheers,


AFAIK you don’t need special access. If you can post in Serengeti (this forum) then you should be able to see Serengeti > Rendering WIP.

Do you see in http://discourse.mcneel.com/c/serengeti next to the Serengeti category a drop-down with other sub-categories? Rendering WIP should be one of them.

If you don’t see that we should ask @brian if he knows what the issue is here.


I can read and post in Serengeti, but I only see the “Developer” subforum.
Would love to see the others too, if @brian can help, that would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Hi Nathan,
Thanks for the quick reply.
Perhaps the reason it crashed was an old file I used contained old beta brazil materials and I no longer use Brazil.
Also there are lots of alpha channeled images of trees,3d plants, glass materials and lots of geometry and reflective water and a ground plane in that file that crashed.
One thing I noticed is that even on regular things everything looks overexposed, what are the best settings for this and how and what materials can I use with this?
I think this is cool but maybe a can of worms, how will it support other plugin render materials from say Brazil or the other third party sources?

I have the latest v6 build. Are there ready to go materials in the v6 material library I can use that will work with this, like glass and wood etc.?
What are the specs of this what can it do? Is it like an old style ray trace engine or can it do IR and all the newer stuff too?
It would be great to have a scene with materials to load that would let us test this and kind of benchmark how fast it is. And this way I could peruse your settings and learn faster by example than experiment.
Thanks for your hard work on this and for bringing this into Rhino.

There was a misconfiguration on our end; you should now see a number of sub-categories under Serengeti.

Works now - thanks a ton!



Brazil materials shouldn’t crash the rendering. If you could share the file with me that would be great. For big files use http://www.rhino3d.com/upload - put me as the recipient (nathan@mcneel.com), then I can have a look at what is going on. If it is a scene with a huge amount of memory it might be a case of GPU memory running out. Unfortunately that isn’t being handled gracefully yet, but improving that is on the list.

Third-party (and Brazil) materials are supposed to implement a SimulateMaterial function, that should populate a rhino custom material. This is far from optimal, but in many cases could give acceptable results.

You should be able to get reasonable results already with the basic materials that come with Rhino: Glass, Gem, Metal, Paint, Plaster, Plastic. There should be a material library as well, @andy can tell you more about that. I keep forgetting where it is at.

Raytraced is interactive rendering in the viewport. It is the integration of the Cycles Renderer (from Blender 3D). You can check my Cycles, RhinoCycles and Cycles+Grasshopper topics in the Rendering WIP sub-forum for Serengeti to get a feel of what is possible. Or check my YouTube channel :slight_smile:
Look for the RhinoCycles related play-lists.

I’m sure at some point we’ll have one ore more benchmark files to play with.


Hi Nathan,
Thanks for your succinct replies. I did eventually find some materials in the library tab but I can’t find glass, I checked in the library tab maybe some other location?
Very nice I see you have a you tube channel for this.
Thanks for your explanations and help,

Glass you find in the Materials tab. When you add new materials you should see


Hi Nathan,
I am running windows 10 my import doesn’t show the options you have displayed in the image. I only see files to import, but I do see those options but differently displayed when I click on new material.

Yes, the menu I showed is for adding a new material.

@andy, shouldn’t the RenderContent folder contain much more than what @3dsynergy has in the screenshot?


No - that’s correct for that version of the WIP.