V6 Hatching UI

Although the previous hatch used is sticky, is isn’t highlighted in the dialog so, in the case of ‘Solid’ the pattern has to be clicked to ensure you don’t have a different pattern set, which looks solid due to a small pattern scale.

For common drafting work, the default hatch pattern spacing is tiny by default. If there was a standard hatch sized to match the hatch pattern scale, it would take the guess work out of sizing hatch. Also a standard hatch set up at 45° would speed things up.

How useful it would be to have a match button at hatch creation time

Some other wishes:
Trim to hatch.
Option to change linetype of hatch, ByLayer or ByObject.
Hatch mask, same as text mask.
Checkbox in dialog to set history for hatch.

Hi Brian - thanks, some of these are straightforward, I can add bug track items for them, others I might have questions about…


A macro for trimming to a hatch, hatch preselected:

! DupBorder Pause Trim MultiPause Delete

You can set History in the status bar while any historically enabled command is running - you just need to click that before the command ends for it to work - is that good enough?


Thanks Pascal, good little macro and setting history works fine, as history is turned off again after the command.

Hi Brian,

That is the default behavior that most users wanted to have in the beta of Rhino 5.
However, over the last few four years, many have developed sophisticated work flows with History, use the “always record” setting.

If you would also like to have History on all the time, you can right click on the “Record History” panel and select “Always Record”.

Be careful of this setting, because all command that support history will be using history.
Simple commands like Copy, will have have history attached to all the copies that are create. It can be kind of a surprise at time when objects update, that you were not expecting.
Here is a list of commands that support History.

Rhino Hatch1 is ANSI .125 distance a scale of 1. That may or may not be helpful.
I agree, there should also be custom hatch where you can define the distance between the line, the angle, and possibly a cross hatch option.

AutoCAD calls this hatch USER, and the scale is set to the distance between the hatch. For example, a USER hatch set to a scale of 10, would have lines spaced at 10 units apart. Would like to see this in Rhino?

Thanks for your help.
Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support and Training
Seattle, WA

Why not just make it possible for the user to edit any hatch style in the document properties?
That way a user can modify a template and the first hatch in a new document will be usable with no changes ( - mostly).

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Also the possibility to trim hatch by curve could be very useful

Note that it is currently possible to set the default hatch - both type and settings - in a template by making an hatch in the template and deleting this before saving. It is probably not very discoverable as opposed to having a way to set this in the hatch GUI in Document Properties… but, @BrianM, that might be good enough?

Hi Mary, I’ve just realised that Rhino Hatch1 is set up for imperial drawings, maybe there needs to be a metric equivalent?

RH-37578 is fixed in the latest WIP