V6 GPU Tesselation - really?

This is now what my display looks like with a spline:

This is what it looks like when I turn GPU tesselation off…

Hmmmm… :grimacing:

Can you send me the curve Mitch?

Not exactly the same one, but here ya go…

Curve_for_Steve.3dm (325.8 KB)

With GPU Tessellation on:

GPU-T Off:

Video card specs - NVidia 980 Ti with latest and greatest drivers (390.77)
Edit: actually I lied, it’s 388.13, I thought I had updated this machine the other day. I can install the 390.77 and see if it makes a difference…
V6 SR2 RC (6.2.18051.9541, 20-02-18)


Thanks, I can repeat the bug. This doesn’t have anything to do with your specific card, it’s the algorithm I use to chop up the curve into line segments. I’ll see what can be done to improve this case.

OK, thanks Steve. I did a clean install of the 390.77 drivers to check anyway and at first I thought, yay! that fixed it - but unfortunately I had quit Rhino with GPU-T off… When I turned it back on, the choppiness came right back… :frowning:

Hope you can do something with it…

Cheers, --Mitch