V6 GPU Output Render?

Gee, itta be swell if the V6 could use the GPU for Final Rendering.

I’ve got this spiffy GTX 1080 and an old 2600k quadcore in my desktop.

The Raytraced view mode in V6 does us the GPU, the Cycles engine it uses hasn’t replaced the old basic renderer, I guess in a future SR it will become an official render output option.

It’s addictive how easy(not cheap…well compared to how it used to be it is!) is is to add speed with GPU rendering, I’m using iRay and am up to 5 1080ti’s, the last one I just got today I stuck in an external GPU box attached to my laptop, next up would be to see if the desktop I built in 2009 could handle or or two.

The raytraced view does use the GPU, but when I render an image (to save to a file), the GPU is barely going, and the CPU is at 100%

Only 5 GTX 1080ti’s? : )

Yeah, the “Renderer” is not Cycles, it’s the old basic software renderer. That may change in the future but not yet. So to save a raytraced view use the View capture commands.

Raytraced engine will replace the old Rhino Render sometime during the Rhino WIP process towars V7.

Until then you can use _ViewCaptureToFile and _ViewCaptureToClipboard.

Now he tells us!

This is old news…

What font is recognized as the ‘sarcastic’ font here?

No need for a font, just use “double quote”.

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You can also “emoji” it…

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Oh, please, please for V6. It’s still new : )