V6 Goal: True PDF Export

I remember trying to explain this a few years ago :blush:

This is a general thing when it comes to printing and export of 2D ‘stuff’ - be it bitmap or vector.
The general aim is to just export what is needed, without extra borders / empty space. When I get into the print or export dialog box [Stage 1 - Destination] I have to decide about a width and height measurement that - to me - just are numbers that are hard to relate to what I need to get out. I never know how to deal with that and basically need to setup geometry in the model to help me out: bounding box and dimensions. My default template has a WMF layer (no-print) and dimension style just to help me out here.

In the second stage of the export / print, I have to set the view. Here, we have several options that help the user: Viewport, Extends, and Window. Here I can visually decide a width and a height.

To me it should be possible to get this width and height into the destination fields.

As it is now, that dialog doesn’t make sense to me (and has never done). When I’m not exporting / printing to a pre-defined size that makes sense (e.g. A3), a width and height that is not related to the width and height of what I set to be the view doesn’t compute (to me). At least when it comes to the ratio.

Not sure if that helped making it more clear…