V6 Goal: Display Performance

Just tested some larger assemblies on WIP. Big improvement. I was already pretty happy with V5 but I’m a little blown away at how well the WIP handles them. Good job guys.

I’m running it at 100%

Here’s another one:
When I turn on controlpoints for a Nurbs Surface and manipulates it the render mesh isn’t updated in realtime like it does in V5.

It would be really nice if it would remesh in the background too, to refine the rendermesh while manipulating the nurbs surface. Not important, but it would be a nice feature.

And another:
Sometimes when I select something the parts of the display that is in shadow becomes the color of the viewport background. To illustrate it better it is here in orange:

Turning off VBO eliminates this.

Thanks, I can repeat this and will try to get it fixed right away

@jeff I might need your help with this “becoming the viewport color” bug. I’m not sure what could be causing this. @Holo do you have a basic model that reproduces this?

@Holo As Steve suggested, a simple model will help immensely so that we’re not having to try to “model the problem”…

Also, something you (All of you) need to do when you come across a problem now is this:

  1. Note the problem
  2. Turn off the vbo caching via TestVBOCache command (disable it)
  3. See if the problem still exists.
  4. Report the situation

We still want to hear about the problem regardless of the results above…but this just helps us better understand whether or not this is a new problem introduced by the caching mechanism, or an already existing problem.


@jeff and @stevebaer,

while attempting to create you some motivating screencaptures made with the new wip, i´ve run into an old bug which happens when capturing larger viewport resolutions using _-ViewCaptureToClipboard. If the _Scale option is used, the background (in below case it was a 2 color gradient) is repeated by the scale factor entered. I´ve tried to capture using _Scale=4 which caused below funky effect i could not withhold :wink:

btw. i really like the transparent shadow option for the groundplane without using a material. Thanks!



Ok thanks @clement, we’ll check it out. Pretty sure this used to work in the new engine, so something worked its way into (or out of) the code.


I’ve almost got this fixed Jeff. We never properly supported gradient backgrounds through tiles.

Ya, I guess not… I was just thinking of tiled rendering in general…gradient seems to have slipped through the cracks.

The gradient background tiling bug will be fixed in the next WIP.

Thanks for the instant fix !


Back on to the topic of display performance, I believe I have all of the issues fixed for the next WIP that @Holo and @clement reported (thanks guys) with the exception of the “viewport colors” showing through in rendered mode. Jorgen if you have a model that illustrates this bug, I would love to see it.

Sure, I have just been caught up with making a Unity VR demo for an upcoming BIM day
(not with this model)
This model is just a wip of our old house, the model has gone from V4->V5->V6, I would not be surprised if you find some bad objects in there either, this is for my own use so “good enough” is “good enough” :wink: ), but the issue doesn’t appear all the time, so I saved it in a state that consistently shows the bug on my Quadro 4000 machine, I’ll test it on the GeForce 970 machine in an hour.

Open the file and click on wall 1 and then on wall 2. That triggers the issue here at least. Sometimes the floor disappears, other times wall 1 disappears, and then reappears. It almost seems to be related to some background calculations of some sort, but I don’t know.

Here’s the file:
HolosHouse V6 hide shade bug.zip (706.3 KB)

Also, OT, but since it is related to the file:
Can you add a “remove missing image file” option to this outdated pop-up?
And add a propper icon to each file instead of the grayed out “A swap B” icon, that appears inactive, until one clicks on the missing file name.

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Yup, about the same issues here, but this system didin’t have the custom white background so it shows that the surface has some lighting information on it when it is “hidden”.

@jeff does this sound related to the rendered mode bug you were working on yesterday?

@stevebaer Sounds very similar…only I’m only seeing/working it in Technical modes…sometimes a surface draws, sometimes it doesn’t…but so far, no rhyme or reason. …except that I don’t see it happen when caching is disable.

Also, I’m seeing certain materials display/map incorrectly in Rendered mode on certain models… I’ll update you on this later today with an example.

Hi all,

the globall performance is verry amaizing more 300% than rhino 5 (I have us the fraps software to calculate the fps number).

on rhino 5 my modele have 2 fps. On rhino 6 => 6 FPS Good jobs :slightly_smiling:

I use Windows 7 pro x64 with 32 Go ram
Quadro K2200 2Go Go ram
xeon 3.5Ghz

Rhino 6 post to errors message

this error message appears at the moment of opening file

  1. this error message appears a moment after opening files


Bike model and test max speed:

Rhino 5 17s
Rhino 6 20s

Also I tried to open my current complex project models. Rhino 6 fails to open the files.

So, from my side, no improvement, not usable.