V6 Focus and Suggestions

Hi all,
I would love to have in R6 two functions.

  • a sort of “isolate” mode: you select many objects, from many layers, and you make everything else disappear; then you can select, hide, unhide as usual just in this subset, working with layers too. Exiting the isolation mode brings everything back.
  • something that I find very useful in 3D Studio Max, the option to temporarily open a group to work on an object inside and not losing the group definition, and to then close it back.
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Hi aneuwahl,
Pascal wrote an isolate script for V5 which you can use in V5 maybe it’s still floating around this forum.
In V6 “isolate” is now a native command it works like isolate in 3dsmax.
No open group command though I miss that in Rhino, you can ctrl shift key then select any object in a group to select it without having to use the ungroup or remove from group commands kind of works like an auto open group.

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I’ve been working with rhino in architecture for ten years now, my main concerns is

  • display lag, and I know you are on it.
  • user interface:
    Highlight or dash edges selected object so you don’t have to sacrifice a color that could be use only for selected object (autocad like).
    Always face camera option for object (sketchup style, usefull for people)
    Set display mode by layer

I’ll bring the suite of my wishing list has it comes to me while working.

  • layer isolate, layer unisolate command (autocad like)
  • An option when you create an Array to Group or Block the result

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I wish there was this tiny addition to the “blend surfaces/Curves” tools that could help generating smooth G1/G2 surfaces.

  • Adding some tangent handles on the edges but ALSO in the middle of the blend with SNAP active.

This could also be helpful for the surface patch tool

So that it looks like this when done:

Also on the curve blend:


My main request is much better point cloud handling… There was a plugin for rhino “point tools” that was perfect, but it was bought up by bentley, and removed. So something like that in standard Rhino.
Being able to model from point clouds, and quickly slide a bounding box so that only parts of it are visible is a must in my opinion. Point cloud modeling will only become more common, and Rhino needs to have tools that handle it well.
Even some automatic surface finding, ala Pointfuse would be sweet, but primarily tools for viewing and working with point clouds. And maybe some options for automatic edge detetection in clouds.

Meanwhile, the Volvox plugin for Grasshopper is a pretty terrific solution for point cloud editing etc.

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Is there any manual describing its functionality and example code solving specific problems?

// Rolf

Not that I know of. As I recall it comes with some examples files and, then there’s the paper @MateuszZwierzycki links to on the Grasshopper page. The Grasshopper sub-forum itself also has some examples, questions being answered etc. Maybe Mateusz can elaborate.

I need VSR Surface Matching in the "Factor "option. Rhino Surface Matching G2 can only affect the two rows of points, “Factor” can affect all the points behind. I need it very much.Because in the control point a lot, I am difficult to adjust the surface.


i think also a “select similar” feature like in 3ds max can be very useful


SpaceClaim is easy to use: Top 5 Reasons to Use SpaceClaim as Your Design Tool - YouTube …but you cannot buy SpaceClaim. Annual subscription costs $2250. Ansys is the new owner of SpaceClaim. Its total assets are $2.80 billion. (Total assets of Autodesk are $4.6 billion.)

whold love seeing this features at V6:

  1. Solid edges Fillet that works.
  2. Native SubD.
  3. When using Boolean Union or Difference, with multiple objects, one, of many, object can fail the whole operation without knowing which was the one, a “Mark problematic area or object” feature at the command line will be very usfull.

Perspective match is not work very well. It would be awesome to have some kind of matching tool so that we could easily composite 3d objects onto a photo.

Oh yeah. I also want this nice feature. For now I’m doing the photo matching in Sketchup.

I know that McNeel have some sort of deal with the SpaceClaim guys. So hopefully they will be able to borrow some DirectEditing tools from them?

Hi, I would like to suggest that Rhino allow direct copy and pasting to and from AutoCAD.

At present we have to export the objects to a temp file somewhere, open the file in the other software, copy it, paste it, position is. This is all laborious.

If there was a way to copy and paste the objects directly using CMD/CTR C and CMD/CTR V it would be incredibly convenient.

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I paid the new version of Rhino.

But, I’m sorry, I do not know if I’m happy or not.

I would like to alert you to the original success of Rhino (of course, for me).

« Nurbs Modeling for Windows » . The Rhino’s capacity to model a surface volume in the same way of the mesh model. And the capacity to integrate it in a workflow with multiple import and export.

So i have migrate from Solidworks to rhino 4 for this. (yes the price too).

But 3 versions after, what I have? the same capacity with very little change and more and more features.

Please, stop a moment! It’s useful ? Yes ! Are they practical? no more than Rhino 4.

Always commands and commands for a similar function repeated in different toolbars and always a strange arrangement when resizing windows. as for Rhino 4.

Always some commands still remember settings and others lose them. As for Rhino 4.

Always a bad support for the integration of Rhino in the game development with textures map, materials or group vertices. Like Rhino 4. (no, the new Rhino 6 is a good start but very modest)

There are many details that persist or there are some bugs from the beginning of Rhino 5 that reappear

Rhino is a very good software and it’s my first 3D application.

But I would like to alert you to the details who past from version to version.

How many version we need for see the existing commands ameliorated in the detail ?

Rhino can be used in a wide range of applications. They are not many surface modelers that can do it with the same simplicity.

But the finesse of the interface. the details of the use cases. the same Rhino without the little unpleasant aspects of the old version would be for me the most beautiful feature.

More beautiful than a new feature, again.

thank you!