V6 Feature request-More tabs for non-floating viewports

It would be nice to have more permanent tabs for non-floating viewports. I would like to be able to select from Perspective, Front, Back, Left, Right, Top, and Bottom. Possible?


Hi Dennis - tabs appear for all existing viewports - you can make the viewports in your template file and the tabs will be there - is that what you mean?


I’m not sure. I can right click and existing tab and create a new view port but it floats on top. I would rather it replace one of the 4 standard views rather than float. Maybe I’m doing it wrong.


There’s a difference between a viewport and its projection. You could say that only as a coincidence the name (and thus its main form of identification) and the projection coincide.

There is a 1 to 1 relation between the number of tabs and the number of viewports. You can have all those tabs you mention for viewports that are not floating but then you need to have one viewport per tab.

Not completely as you would like to have it but to replace the projection in the active viewport, you just type the name of the projection. So when the top view is active, just type left to get the left view in that viewport.