V6 - Draw Order of Planar Surfaces (like Vectorworks)?

I’m on a posting rampage :wink: The following is to ask a question and also simplify an older thread that seemed less than definitive on the subject:

While creating 2D Drawings on a recent job I found that the Draw Order sadly does not work on any geometry that could be used to create, say, an Elevation drawing of a Chair in front of a slatted wall (image attached)

In Vectorworks, one can draw a solid square and a solid circle and have one distributed in Front of the other without moving them in 3D space (Z-Axis in Plan View)

I realize Rhino is very diff from VWX (I switched over to Rhino afterall!) but wondering if there are plans for the Draw Order to be able to work on Planar Geometry? Seems a short leap to go from the Curves, Dimension Masks, and Hatches to work, and to have it work on simple planar geo, no?


Someone who doesn’t know a dang thing about creating a piece of software :grin:

Hi Alan - you can do that with curves and annotation objects (like hatches, including solid hatches, which do a nice job of mimicking planar surfaces in the right circumstances) using BringToFromt, BrinForward, SendToBack, SendBackwards, and ClearDrawOrder. But not surfaces.


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Hi Pascal,

Are there any plans to make the Draw Order commands work with surfaces or polysurfaces in V6? Something has changed with the V6 display that makes re-ordering an object difficult. I will start another topic with more details.



Hi Dan - no, I don’t know of any plan to make draw order apply to more object types in V6…


Okay, thanks. It’s not a “show stopper”. The reason I ask is that our data department often receives updated CAD files from our customers, and that sometimes the data hasn’t changed. Toggling the parts back and forth was an easy way to check for identical data.

Maybe a command like CheckForIdenticalObjects would help. Like a SelDup command that is more effective. :smile:



Hi Dan - meantime, it might be possible to get something reliable enough to be useful in a script… I’ll ponder.

@DanBayn - just as a first cut - this thing might find duplicate breps…
SelSimilar_dev.py (2.4 KB)
It ignores extrusions for now, but I don’t think it needs to.
So far it -

Compares overall bounding boxes
if the same then
Compares the number of faces
if the same then
Compares Surface area
if the same then
Compares individual face bounding boxes.

That’s it so far, we’ll see how far that gets us…

@DanBayn - also, this checks all objects, which could get slow. It could be implemented to work on a selection, or even just ask about two objects - “are these two objects the same?”


Thanks Pascal.