V6 display settings change across all instances

Hi all,
Is this a bug? Changing display settings in the display tab for one instance of Rhino changes that setting in all other open instances of Rhino. Super frustrating when switching between instances and I’ve unticked the Curves box in one, and it’s unticked in all of the others.

Is this fixed in a newer build?
Version 6 SR18
(6.18.19266.14201, 9/23/2019)

Is this a ‘feature’ that I can disable?? Kind of nutty if it’s not.


Hi Robert - it is not a bug in that it is designed to work that way… all of the Rhino options ( as distinct from document ones) are set for the application as a whole. Keep in mind that the checkboxes are changing the state of the display modes in Options > View > Display modes > active mode name. If this were not the case, these would be written out on close and the last closed Rhino would win at the end of the day.

@JohnM - am I telling the truth here?

@carvecream - added - https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-55422


Hi Pascal, This is an issue for people working with multiple instances open. Is there an advanced setting I can untick to disable this behavior? v5 did not work this way and it’s seriously messing up workflow.

Sorry I’m so late to the v6 game but this is one reason I’m not an early adopter of upgrades.

Pascal you explanation is correct, Rhino 6 application settings are migrated across all currently open and future Rhino sessions. There is no setting at this time to disable this feature.

Thank you John. Is there an old, long thread somewhere I missed where this issue was acknowledged by everyone and summarily dismissed as not important?

I understand the underlying reason for this feature was to prevent the ‘last closed rhino wins’ behavior. But this really seems like more of a hobbling. One of the most powerful features of Rhino IMHO is its ability to run multiple instances. This is how I use the program on a regular basis in the art and design fabrication field. I know we can still use it in this way but now have to add another workaround to a problem I didn’t need fixing. Making new separate unique display settings that I will have to use in each instance of Rhino is, in a word, taxing. Like any good Rhino user I’m routinely switching between multiple display settings in each instance; I run 4-10 instances at a time. Having to setup even 4 versions EACH of shaded, ghosted, wireframe, xray and rendered means dozes of extra display settings to create and sort through… UGH!

Is there any chance of adding a setting/check box that would isolate the display settings during an instance’s session? This would let a user change the settings all they want in that instance, then when closing, the choice would be given to keep that instance’s settings or discard the changes.