V6 display modes killed by V7 display mode import?

Is it remotely possible that importing a downloaded custom display mode into V6 - that was actually designed in V7 (i.e. not knowing it was a V7 display mode) - could wipe out other custom display modes in V6?

I don’t know when it actually happened, but all of a sudden my V6, which had a number of custom display modes (both self-created and imported) had none left, only the default ones, plus a bunch that were simply labeled “Copy of XXXX” (Shaded or Arctic or Rendered or…). And somehow also two entries of Shaded.

I was able to restore most of them from some backups I found, but that is a bit weird. Anything else that might have caused this?

Did you check what the “Copy of …” modes actually did? ie: was it a simple corruption of the name, or did they do the same thing as the mode they were supposedly a copy of? Or maybe they did nothing at all? Also: did the total number of V6 modes including the corrupted ones match the number of modes in V7?

They were copies of those modes with the default settings

I don’t have any custom display modes installed yet in V7. The total number of modes in V6 after the ‘corruption’ might have been the same as the previous total, but I honestly don’t remember how many I actually had before.

Hi Mitch - I do not know how that could happen - it seems like possibly the settings file may be involved though - and possibly multiple Rhinos open, though I don’t see how… Were those Copy Of modes ‘in place of’ the ones that were deleted? I mean, did you notice if the number of Copy Of and the missing modes correspond?