V6 centralized recent file list


I’d wish for an “instance-independant” Recent files list.
If I’m not mistaken the last Rhino instance closed will write the Recent file list.
However that does not reflect the reality of what files were opened in what order.
Couldn’t V6 have a feature to populate that list in real-time regardless of instance. Currently all files opened and closed while another session is open are “lost”.



As long as we get more than 9 items in that list.
An implementation like in Grasshopper would be nice.

please! big wish for this from me too. centralizing of settings changes too please. So frustrating making changes in an instance and having to play the whole round robin game of closing rhinos in the right order to retain my changes. then reopen and get back to work.

Thanks for the feedback… I filed this one as RH-23104 for future reference. Development will have to weigh in on it to see if it’s possible. This report is in regards to the recent files list.