V6 Capture Raytraced Viewport to Clipboard - Crash (latest WIP)

Just tried to capture a Raytraced Viewport to the clipboard and Rhino crashes – tried it twice, both times a crash. I sent the file attached with the crash report. I did capture something to the clipboard – see below. I think it’s the Toronto Downtown HDR with a faint outline (black lines) of the interior I was trying to render.

At this point with Raytraced display mode, I’m a bit confused as to what to expect when trying to light an interior space – it seems very difficult to set decent interior lighting – maybe it’s the wrong tool. Is there a plan for better lighting tools in V6? Maybe I’m missing something.



Is this with the latest public WIP? Are you using capturing with same resolution as viewport, or do you change any of the capturing settings?

Skylighting won’t in itself be enough for interior lighting. You’ll have to crank up the intensity considerably for that, and even then lighting an interior with skylight through a small window opening will be pretty inefficient (especially until light portals can be specified, but even then…). If you are looking to light an interior (I.e. inside of a box through a tiny hole from the outside), you best add a directional light right outside that window for easy control, although the Rhino sun and its controls should be just fine too.

If the sun intensity doesn’t feel strong enough you could try pumpig it up through advanced settings (Tools > Options > Advanced, type sunlightfactor and give something like 50). Note that changing the setting here doesn’t restart any running session automatically.


P.S. the crash report hasn’t shown up yet on my list, if you could send the file directly to my through rhino3d.com/upload with nathan@mcneel.com as recipient that’d be great.

Hi Nathan-

Thanks for the reply. I was working with the latest public WIP – captured
with the same resolution as viewport.

Thanks also for lighting pointers as well – a bit spoiled in using Maxwell
for lighting.

I sent a file separately through Rhino3D.com/upload



Thanks for the file. I don’t get crashes, but the capture result is wrong (just background)