V6: Can we have this please?

This is stunning! And it runs in the browser… HTML5
Look with the mouse, walk with WASD and move the sun with the sliders.

Info page:

Live demo:

A very difficult to achieve, highly scene size dependent GL hack? Wouldn’t a real-time ray-tracer be better?

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Yes please, both!
But I can’t duplicate the GI quality with Neon and Brazil, can you?

Here’s a link to the 3D file, even a Rhino file:

Here’s what I got in Neon by just turning on the sun and GI. No other settings changes at all, and not that many passes either - maybe around 35.

(I forgot to say that…)

My results are far away from that, could I share the file please? (With maps)

When you say GI, do you mean the Brazil Indirect Illumination setting? Or is it another setting?

I added a physical sky, threw in a sun, sat Ildirect Illumination to 5x the initial value, and here is what I get after 100 passes:

(and then Rhino crashed when I closed the file)

And here is the 3ds file after the mapping was assigned, turned on Sun and added a 10x multiplier to it. And dded a physical sky. 42 passes. It’s better but far from your result.

Turn up the GI bounces to 10

I guess that nixes my “no other settings changes at all” - but I forgot that I’m using a Brazil here that has different defaults.

Thanks, I’ll try and duplicate it later.
Great to hear that you have tuned the defaults.

Here’s the Brazil version…

And here’s the file with the maps packed:


I changed the settings a little bit (gamma set to 2.2 for the Brazil version), so it doesn’t work quite so well for Neon anymore. It’s still pretty close though.

I like it!
But it is far from realtime on my old i7 system. so even if it produces nice results I still wish for a OpenGL solution to fake stuff like this.Or a live bake-to-texture-Neon-update thing, so I can move around in the scene while the entire light data is being produced and refined…

Here it is just refining:

And here I try to move around and adjust the sun. It is slow.

What you will gain in real-time performance, you will lose in initial setup hackery.

The correct answer is to wait for hardware improvements to RT raytracers to solve the problem

  • Andy
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It’s quite a lot faster with the Caustic hardware :wink:

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Light calculation like this in realtime is the future, no doubt. Either on the CPU, a hardware card or the GPU.
But how much faster is “quite a lot”? 3x or 30x?

I would not mind this engine…
Edit: It is OTOY Brigade Engine 3

“More info + screenshots at http://raytracey.blogspot.co.nz/2013/… Real-time path tracing with Brigade 3, rendered at 1280x720 and using an XBox controller for navigation. All effects like 3d depth of field, field of view, reflections and shadows can be altered in realtime.”

And this is the Aurana Engine:

More from Brigade 3…

“Brigade is a powerful graphics API that can easily replace Microsoft DirectX® or OpenGL® graphics within popular game engines”

Take a look at their site for more info.

Looks like you should add a test to the HoloMark, Jørgen… :wink:
On my system, I only got to the 3rd pass in 5:40 whereas you got to pass 9 in about 3:30.
HoloMark showed that my laptop beat yours in all but the UDT thingies - or isn’t this on your laptop?

Hi Wim,
It would be nice to have a rende test, but it would require that I’d use the Rhino render, and that I was able to set the right number of cores to use, and set all settings, and set them all back again to the users preferred settings… a lot of coding. :smile:

(Edit: a lot of boring coding… not a lot of coding. Just have to get it right)

And the test was on the 4 core i7 workstation. Not my 2 core i5 laptop. I can do a test during Easter.