V6 Bug? Where did my "Assign Material By..." dropdown list go?


Am I having a brain-fart here?

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Alan - do you mean in an object’s Properties?






I should say, “Yep” that’s the spot where I normally see the option to use “material by Object” but now I don’t se the option.

Oh…did that option just go away, and it’s just the default? I guess that would make sense…

(Pascal Golay) #5

Hi Alan - as far as I know, if you have selected an object that can have a material assigned, you should see that page I posted.



Yes, indeed. It’s just a little confusing b/c in RH5, there was the dropdown in which you could select “…By Object.” That option has disappeared and By Object is now (apparently) the default, and you can now only switch to By Layer, or By Object Parent.

It makes sense if this is the new norm, but figured I’d type that out in case anyone has the same confusion.