V6 - Bug - Rhino Hangs from Loss of Wifi Connection - Repeatable

I’ve been having hangs and Rhino crashes in Rhino caused by a intermittent Wifi connection which occasionally drops me, while the rest of the system remains working. The crashing coincides with a drop.

I thought it might be related to dropbox, but I’ve had drop-crash while working locally.

I have been working for years, with this same computer, same router, same service. Perhaps there’s a new bug in the reporting?

I am on a fresh, patched Windows 10 install,
Rhino 6 SR13 2019-2-27 (Rhino 6, 6.13.19058.371),
Fresh Nvidia Drivers.

@brian, here more Rhino woes allegedly due to internet connection.

Nathan, Is is part of the bug checking process to mark bugs “allegedly?”

While potential bugs have no feelings, the people who take the time to post them, toward the result of better product–sometimes have feelings.

No need to take wordings personally. It just means that until we can reproduce it is a suspect.

Any error seen by users are real errors and bugs and real, that is a given.

I am familiar with the bug-checking process, but thank you. I have filed over 100 bug reports for various open-source projects, as well reporting them commercially in an internet-facing eCommerce engine site.

When dealing with people, would it not be advantageous avoid casting your text in a manner that calls their honesty into question?

[Yesterday, I called NcNeel, yesterday to report a login-issue, that was verified by Andrés J.]

For the record, I nowhere questioned your honesty. I was merely saying that it looks like another internet connection issue, but it isn’t sure yet until we have it repeated here as well. I am sorry you felt I was doing you wrong, not my intention.

The word “allegedly” is outside the normal bug-checking process. I will accept your apology. Thank you, Nathan.

Hi Brenda,

To allege something is to claim or assert that someone has done something (illegal or) wrong, typically without proof. There is nothing in the term to impugn what you said.

In court, an offense is alleged and evidence is then considered to determine whether the offense is considered proven.

In this case you have made an assertion, but not yet supplied proof. Therefore, according to the dictionary definition, you have made an allegation.


Hi @Brenda when Rhino crashes, does it bring up the “Sad Rhino” dialog box that asks you to submit the crash report? If so, do you send it? If so, do you include your email address? I’ve searched our crash reports for ones sent by the email address associated with your Discourse account, and don’t see them.

If you can reliably reproduce this crash by disabling your WiFi, I’d love to work with you to isolate the cause and fix it.

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Hi Brian,

No it doesn’t bring up the sad Rhino. The screen usually turns white (screenshot). Rhino hangs. Sometimes it locks unrecoverable, leading to a Windows crash reporter. At times, I have been able to free Rhino by reestablishing an internet connection. It appears that once gives up on the internet connection, it frees. But if the connection is intermittent, or goes down, it will lock.

I’ve tried to reduce a causation-correlation error, by checking outside a local Dropbox folder, with a hanged result, though I have worked from DB for years without this kind of locking.

I am working on is fairly simple, compared to what I was working a few weeks ago, when it was working fine.

Where I often do small Rhino stuff, the internet here often logs me off, but the issue has only been happening, lately.

(Thanks for looking into this, Brian.)

When you say

… would you say that’s just since installing the latest service release (SR13)?

I cannot say for sure, but the timing is about right. I did a clean reinstall on this machine because of the hanging.

This is a possible Red Herring, but the McNeel Update Service has left events of having been checking quite often: up to 4 times a minute. 34 times today, 69 times yesterday.

Like this: Debug,DownloadLoop Complete,6.13.19058.371

If that’s not a bug, I will have to disable it for low-latency music production.

I’ll start a direct message with you - if you’re willing, the best option here is to try multiple builds of Rhino until we can figure out when this problem started. It may mean installing and uninstalling 8 or 10 builds of Rhino over the course of the next few days. Are you willing to do this experiment with me?

Those events are not a problem - they’re just debugging information about how the update service is functioning. It’s reading local information, but should rarely even be requesting information from our servers.

Brian, I have to leave here soon and get something to eat, but I can try one tomorrow.

I believe that the connection needs to fail, not disconnect, so a fair test would take an hour, a good one two, and fairly certain would take perhaps 3 hours, that it works reliably.

Fortunately, I checked the time on this hang. Oddly the only event recorded in the system at that time, states the kind of connection error, which appears to be a time-out. This Wifi router has been doing this for a long time–without this issue.

“Name resolution for the name discourse-cdn-sjc1.com timed out after none of the configured DNS servers responded.”

  • I was also typing in here on the forum.
  • When I noticed that it wouldn’t post, I glanced at the connection, seeing a yellow triangle.
  • Not thinking, I closed the browser, but it wasn’t locked (system was working).
  • I switched to Rhino, and tried to rotate the view, finding it locked.

You can PM me a build. This issue is fairly recent.

[The Update Service may not be this problem, but when recording music, even a write alone to the event log will induce latency.]