V6 Bug: Changing current Layer is too slow


changing the current active layer is very slow in V6. Looks like the delay depends on the count of layers in the file. With 700 Layers it takes about 1 second to change the current layer, which feels way too slow.

Is this something which can be improved?
Do you recommend to consolidate my explicit layer hierarchy?

Hi Jess,

i’ve tested with a file having 3573 layers. The layer structure is nested, under one root layer there are 20 other layers, then the rest ist nested within 3-5 more levels. If i switch the current layer, it works instantly on layers which are either empty or do not have many objects. But i see a slight delay (approx 0.5s) when there are many objects on the layer to make current.

Do you get the delay always, regardless of the amount of objects on a layer ?


Hi Clement,
Thanks for investigating! Okay, does not seem to be the case with all files.
Can you repeat it with the attached file?
CurrentLayerDelay.3dm (853.9 KB)

Hi Jess - that is slow here…
It looks here, like making a green ‘Vertical’ layer current is noticeably slower than making a red , ‘Horizontal’ one current, though both lag. The ‘Nut’ layers are instant.


Only if the other layers are collapsed. With all layers expanded the Nut layers are also slow here.

Ah, yes, I see - got it, thanks.


same here, if everything is collapsed it acts instantly.


RH-44478 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate

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