V6 BoxEdit - stays in INCHES?

Anyone know if there’s a way to have Box Edit show measurements in Feet-Inches? Even if I change my Units and/or Dimension style, I get only Inches.


Hi Alan - as far as I can see it should always show model units, (but always decimal as well… that would be something to tweak in the future)



I still get inches. Attached file and screenBoxEdit Inches.3dm (29.7 KB)


Hi Alan - I see the same numbers but those are feet. (Distance command).


Ah. Why oh why did they change the Box Edit to do that? I guess the rest of the world is cool with it, but us Americans are sorta S.O.L. :blush:


Is there a place I should put this as a Wish list item? Like a very, very strong wish? :sunglasses:

Hi Alan - the YouTrack (bug list) item is posted above, inside my first response.


Ah, didn’t realize what that was. Thank you.


Hey @pascal and @brian (in case it helps the cause to include Brian?)

I debated as to whether or not I should be a total pain about this, and I’m SUPER digging v6, but the Box Edit being in inches is just killliiiing my work. Is there any idea as to where on the priority list this is? As a drafting program it seems so integral to what we need the software to do…?

Thanks as always for all your attentive help, seriously. Just aching for this fix!

It’s currently scheduled “Future”, which means the soonest it’ll arrive is the V7 WIP.

Hi Brian,

I don’t understand. This feature was all perfectly fine and dandy in v5 (see uploaded image)

Surely I can’t be the only one who used this feature to such a large degree, and wonders why it was changed to be so utterly useless in v6.

Thanks for the clarification. I’ve upgraded it to be fixed in a v6 service release.

So glad to hear that, thank you!

Hi @brian

Is there any news about BoxEdit being fixed so it reads/has option for Feet-Inches? Was really hoping that would be fixed sooner than later…


You can follow the status of this issue here:

Thx so much

YYYYAAAASSSSS BoxEdit fixed! Thank you!!!