V6 Boolean difference Failed

Hi Chuck
The attached 3dm file and the three Python script show when the Boolean difference fails in V6.
In V5 all is OK
Ciao Vitorio

V6_Boolean_Diff_Failed.py (360 Bytes) V6_Boolean_Diff_Failed_2.py (430 Bytes) V6_Boolean_Diff_OK.py (531 Bytes)
V6_BooleanDifference_Fail_and_OK.3dm (2.4 MB)

Hi Vitorio - The profile revolved with the Revolve command is OK though- BD works there. Neither setup returns the full loop of curves on Intersect though. Extending the hexagon upward allows Intersect to get the right curves on the Revolved object but not on the one created by the script.


Sorry, I missed this one while on vacation. I’ve made a bug out of it and will get to it quickly.