V6 beta.....?


Any idea when we might expect it to show up…? It would be a nice under the Christmas tree.


(Brian James) #2

Thanks for the feedback Brian! I think @brian is working on an installer for v6 now and that should get us closer to a beta. If it’s any consolation, I don’t have one yet either!

(Brian Gillespie) #3

I hope you have it before Christmas, but I won’t make any promises at this point :smile:


Good news


How is the new graphics engine coming…? Any chance we will see decent performance with todays gaming cards…? Or is this even still going to be a part of V6…?



No answer on the graphics card question…?



dose v6 have the solid modeling kernel?so rhino will have the replace face delete face .etc feature.
dose v6 support n-gon mesh?
any shader or mesher improvement?

(Margaret Becker) #8

No. And there are no plans to do this.

You might be able to do some of this with sub-object selection now.


We don’t know yet what all will get into V6.