V6 Beta - What happened to the "Test, OK, Close" buttons in Python editor?




Hi Mitch,

i think that went to the upper right. You can still run Test with F5 and Test & Close with CTRL + F5. It is available from the file menu too.


Yeah, I did find the test button, I guess I was just looking for a “Close” or OK without hitting the “X” button which always makes me nervous that it will close without saving changes. I did see the menu items as well… I am not in the habit of using the F keys for this one anyway.

Thx, --Mitch

If i try this i get below reminder:



Yep - but you have to know that will pop up firsthand… as long as you’re experienced with it, it’s OK. Also, I would like to close save changes and close with one click (without necessarily testing).