V6 and V7 Beta Taskbar Shortcut Jumble

Apologies for reviving this, but I’m having the issue getting set up on a new laptop. I believe I had this same issue the last time I changed to a new system as well. Some symptoms:

Rhino 6 and Beta will open on the same taskbar icon. This is with no shortcuts pinned and Rhino 6 launched first:

This is with no shortcuts pinned and Rhino Beta launched first:

Rhino 6 will open a new taskbar icon despite being pinned to the taskbar:

And Rhino Beta will launch into this:

And with both pinned to the taskbar, Rhino Beta will launch into the pinned Rhino 6 shortcut:

2020-11-10 09_40_25-Greenshot

These are my versions:

Rhino Version 6 SR31 (6.31.20308.11001, 11/03/2020)
Rhino BETA (7.0.20309.6003, 04-11-2020)
Windows 10 Enterprise Version 2004 OS build 19041.572

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Adding to the mystery:

The naming and properties of these pinned shortcuts are all jumbled:

2020-11-10 10_01_32-

Windows associates taskbar entries on the file name, not the full path. It caches the application description according to the exe name, so it is kind of pot luck which you get, but once you get one you are stuck with it until the cache refreshes (sorry, I don’t know what triggers a refresh).

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Split to new topic.

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Thanks, we’ve noticed this as well and have an internal ticket issued for it that is not publicly visible as it contains customer info but the item is this one. RH-61086 We’re hoping it was resolved and only affected one or two of the builds that went out at some point in early to mid October but we can’t prove that just yet.

You’ll need to uninstall v6 and reinstall it in order to fix all of the registry plundering it caused. If you continue to see this behavior please notify me so I can add you to the ticket and we can dig deeper.


Cheers Trav, I’m gonna try this when I’m back in the office and update you here.

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Yes, I’ve been having the same issue for over a year. At some point in the past Rhino 6 has confused itself with Rhino WIP and now Rhino Beta in the taskbar. It’s very annoying as I often have both apps open for different projects but they are listed as all Rhino 6 and not Rhino Beta in the Taskbar. In the image below of my taskbar I have two version of Rhino Beta open and none of Rhino 6 but it shows the opposite. I guess I’ll reinstall Rhino 6 as suggested.


Desktop icon tooltips for drag and drop file opening are also fun…

But I think this is a Windows thing.

the icon situation is something I wanted to complain about for a very long time. let’s do this now. the icon situation is bad :frowning: