V5 vs. V6 RunScript command behavior change/problem

There has been a change in how the RunScript command behaves in V6WIP vs. before. Hope this is a bug and not done on purpose / not possible anymore for some reason.
We used to be able to use _-RunScript command within macros or even scripts that use “Rhino.Command” method. This does not work anymore in V6 WIP. We have many tools that rely on this functionality working so this change effectively breaks the workflow.

Please see the attached sample script and test how it runs in V5 vs. V6.
V5_vs_V6_Runscript_Behavior_Difference_Test.rvb (2.3 KB)

Hope this can get fixed and back to the original behavior. Thanks–


This seems to be a limitation of the EditScript editor, as using LoadScript seems to work Am I confused?

Interesting - good catch! It only fails when running from the EditScript editor in V6 (but not in V5 Editor - there it works fine). Running it thru LoadScript or dragging into Vport in V6 works OK.

This limitation in V6 will make editing and testing scripts more difficult. Hope this still can be fixed back to V5.

thanks Dale–