V5 slow to load and manipulate

V6 is very slow, also.

If you tell me how to turn off accelerated hardware in V6 I would be glad to try.


I’m going to check with the developers to see if we can more automatically handle systems like yours with unsupported display adapters.

I’ll get back to you either way.

BTW - I can not duplicate the symptom you have in V5.
I have a Surface Pro 4 with a newer Intel display adapter. When I enable/disable accelerated hardware settings it is set for anyway I manage to get Rhino started.

Is there a chance your desktop shortcut for starting Rhino has some special command like settings on it?

Not that I am aware of:

Nope, that looks fine.

I just can’t explain why your get a different option set when starting Rhino V5 the two different ways you are.
That is a mystery we may not solve.

That said, I never rely on Windows File Association to start Rhino.
I always start Rhino with a shortcut, then open a file from the splash screen.

As an aside, why are you running Rhino on a system with a display adapter we specifically warn users to avoid?

The computer was given to me as a present and I decided to download Rhino to see if it coped with my rather small jewellery models.


That makes sense.
Thanks for the detail.

I’m still waiting for the developer about V6

I have a V6 question for you.
I know the display is slow in a model. What about No model?
If you start a NEW file in V6 without using any special plug-ins (like RhinoGold or Matrix), can you Pan and Rotate the view smoothly, or is it slow and jerky like you described in V5 with just the grid?

Then, here’s how you turn off accelerated hardware modes in V6.
Is the display OK then?
How about with a model?

Sorry, still slow. I am probably buying a new laptop for V6. The improvements with blocks and the new cycles render engine will make it worthwhile alone.


Once again, I asked specific multiple questions and your single answer doesn’t provide clear information.

I’ll try again:

    1. With the hardware driver turned OFF in V6, can you Pan and Rotate the display smoothly in a new file?
    1. Assuming the display is smooth with just the grid, how is the display with a small model?

Can we leave it here, I have had enough.


Sorry @KeithR
Tech support has two functions:
The first is helping the customer figure out the problem
The second is to figure out if there is a problem with Rhino itself and get that fixed.
We figured out the the first issue for V5.
Now the developer wants to know if there is anything he can do in V6 to get this old chip to work better.
If the display in V6 does rotate and pan smoothly with just the grid, then potentially he can do more work to get it to work better.
If the the panning and rotating is bad even with just the grid, then maybe the installer should automatically turn off the accelerated hardware setting. Then someone that has one and loads V6, it won’t work great, but maybe it will be usable and won’t generate another call to tech support.

Working with Rhino is being part of a community of users and developers helping each other to make the tools work better for everyone.