V5 open file box flashing with splash screen ...occurs on two PCs

Is this normal, V5 since day 1 of use, one gets the lightly coloured splash screen offering thumbs of recent files, with no dates/times visible I go to the open tab and get the usual windows open dialog box but as I use it, I get flashes of the underlying splash screen , momentary glimpses of it through the floating dialog box, as I browse to different levels, it all seems a bit unstable but nothing ever comes of it, bit unsettling though.

Happens both on a WinXP SP3 tower PC, my normal weapon of choice, and the Toshiba Qosmio G20 (lovely Laptop).

Both these ran V4 no issues, rock steady.

Once I have selected my file I am ok, no flashing etc. No flashing when scrolling within a folder.


That used to happen on my XP machine as well, it cleared up with Win7

Guess I shall live with it until I get a chance to rebuild to Win7.