V5 Bug: Step Export/Inport Round Robin Test Jostles Blocks


I’m having a problem with running a round-robin test with .step export/import.

It appears that several objects are being either exported or imported with a random origin. I’ve tried all three versions.

It’s for a friend’s machine. I’m going to look into whether or not I can send the file.

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This is part of what’s going on. When exported/imported the sprocket moves outside the box.

Step Export Test.3dm (1.2 MB)

I suspect that step is the only decent known way to talk to Solidworks.

Thank you for looking into this,

Generally speaking perhaps, however, when you do encounter issues, I have found it worthy to first try exporting all the formats the target application will import. Occasionally, if something craps out in one format, it might be ok in another…and if the target app reads .3dm be sure to try that too.

Hi Brenda- I see that- the sprocket is exported to the block definition location. Try ExplodeBlock on this for now, before exporting, and see how that works.


The sprocket is one of hundreds of blocks. If there a macro to explode all, it would be doable.

I feel feel bad because he people who received this file are real Solidworks snobs, and this might be the first contact they had with Rhino geometry, if you know PR wise what I mean.

Also, currently .stp is the best hope for file compatibility with the open source projects Solome and Freecad3D

Gee, it would sure be swell, if this were fixed.

This should work correctly in the final SR9 release.


Thank you!

I haven’t checked the accuracy of the export, but it looks good now.

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