V5 and V6 curveboolean/trim tolerance or

Hi @pascal

In the attached there is some rather large circles (ø30.000mm), that will trim/curveboolean to a “pillowy” shape. No matter if I use curveboolean or trim manually, the resulting curves are degree 2 with a point count of 5. Shouldn’t they just be arcs (deg. 2, pc 3)? Also, the deviation (from the original curves) in trim is smaller than in curveboolean - why is that? Are the two commands using different tolerances?

TIA, Jakob

Have you checked this in the WIP? I’m getting arcs and correct radii using trim:

and i tried on a mac and get arcs with 3 points naturally. how did you produce the circles?

Yearh… sorry… I just tried again, and I’m getting arcs using trim as well. I’ve no idea ow I screwed that one up yesterday! But still: Shouldn’t curveboolean give me arcs as well, or does it automatically add cp’s to curves in order to do the boolean?

Anyway, sorry for the false alert and thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Normand - I’d say yes, it should, I’ll make a bug… the result from CurveBoolean is polycurves containing arcs that are not exactly the same radius as the inputs…

thanks for the heads-up.