V4 release date

What was the first release date for Rhino4?

Feb 2007.

A few interesting dates


Thank Terry! The reason I ask in that a software I have been trying to add to my toolbox just released a beta in advance of a major upgrade. One of my pet peeves with the program is that it lets you add what they call an ‘external graphic’ which is actually a display mesh from Rhino and it will only accept a Rhino4 file. When I loaded the new release, all my previously referenced ‘ex graphics’ were no longer displaying. I tried using v6 Rhino to reload thinking that they were finally catching up to the times and then tried V5 to no avail. I whined to support and they said I still had to use v4! I hardly call that an upgrade to their program and will not pay for an upgrade that is 13 years behind the times…

Thanks Anders for the relevant timeline. I had searched for something like that to make my point.

Not sure if I’m reading the situation correctly, but in case it helps, remember you can still save as V4 from later Rhino versions.

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