V4 missing all tools and menus icons

Just launched V4 to test boolean split.
I have no icons along top of screen or down left side as toolset.
was ok last time I used it.

What has happened ?

How do I get them all back ?

never had that happen before.

been using V5, pasting from V4 into V5, but then not used V4 last few days.




Phew…that solved it.

would that return to me any user created tool icons etc


No, unfortunately not. All that does is restore the “Default” workspace to its original condition.

Once you start creating custom toolbars and workspaces, it is in your very best interest to name your modified workspace file something other than “Default”, back the file up elsewhere and keep the copie(s) current. I recommend you read this page (and perhaps this one) to understand more.