V-ray Pop-up window freezes


Any idea??


After playing around on V-ray, this seems a random behavior. Can be ignored for now…

I removed the (SOLVED) from the thread title, as this behavior is still around. Would love to see this get resolved.

I believe this issue was also resolved with the solution in this post:

  • Imported materials don’t update.


Do you have steps required to duplicate the issue?


This can be easily produced by importing .vsr? (Vray material format.)
Will update this thread when I use Rhino and V-ray next time…

I am still getting window freezes with the latest update. Only with the material editor thus far, and not the Options yet. Most seem to occur randomly, but one happened when a render completed and I was a couple levels deep in editing a material. Eventually, switching between windows I was able to close the specific material popups, but could no longer get focus to the material editor. Again, it’s like there’s a hidden modal popup that can’t be found, and doesn’t come up when alt-tabbing through windows.

Edit - I still have a feeling it might be linked to autosave, I’m going to turn off Rhino autosaves and see if I get any more freezes.

I have the solution.

Search for “vrayforrhino.ini” in: C:\ProgramData\ASGVIS (program data is a hidden folder)

open It with wordpad, scroll down until you find


Change the value from “5” to “-1”

Problem solved…


Wow, I hope that is it, will try that. Thank you.

@matt_newberg Are you aware of this setting being problematic?


Yes disabling the gui_timeout_minutes can resolve freeze issues for some users. People that share a network dongle will still need that setting turned on.

Thanks for the reply. I hope for other users’ sake a fix is being worked on, or at least defaulting to the disabled setting for non-network dongles, because that is certainly a serious bug.

I haven’t had a freeze again yet, will update if I do.


The UI code will be different for 3.0, and should completely resolve these issues.


Sounds good, thanks. While I’ve got your ear, any chance of VrayEnvironmentFog making it into 3.0 for Rhino?


It is high on the list of things still to add, but isn’t in V-Ray For Rhino 3.0 yet.

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