V-Ray plugin drastically slowing Rhino Start-Up

After using V-Ray 3.4 for a few weeks, and generally being happy with it, appears the plugin is holding-up Rhino opening.

Typically when opening Rhino, including loading several other plugins, load time is about 20 seconds.

Now it shows V-Ray plugin loading on the splash screen for almost 2 minutes before opening.

Turn the plugin off in the plugin manager and all returns to normal. Back on again, same issue.

Also appears to be causing problems with the toolbar layout.

Any ideas as to what may be causing this?

Maybe the file, or template, you’re opening has a large material library?

Hi Marc,

Nope, it is the same deal even when opening a blank template file. It was working fine 2 days ago, nothing has changed except this new delay.

It feels as if there is a delay in the plugin getting authorization from the Chaos server…?

I have the same problem with octane render. In my case it is because of octanes online license check. Maybe Vray also do?