V-ray options

Hola, no puedo cambiar el tamaño horizontal de la ventana V-ray options. ¿A qué se puede deber?

Estoy trabajando con parallels en mac. Y la version es rhino 5, v-ray 2.0.

Muchas gracias.


i think you can not change it horizontally, only vertically.


In other times I could adapt the window to the content. It´s important for me because I can´t see all options and it´s very slowly for work…

I attach you a photo of my problem.

I can´t understand…

Thank you very much.

Carlos Sanz

Hi @carlossanz,

this looks like a bug to me, the window size should be wider, without horizontal scrollbar. Is this happening on Windows 10 ?

@matt_newberg, do you have a suggestion ?


Hola Clement.

Yes!!It´s happened on Windows 10…

I can´t imagine the solution… One time I got the solution, but I don´t remember what I did.

I continue trying…

Thank you…

Did you change any font size in windows maybe ?


I have a solution. My problem it was the screen resolution. Icon size it was 150% and recommended resolution. I have changed the resolution from 2880x1900(recommended) to 1920x1200 and the icon size to 100%.

I´m crazy with parallels and windows 10 in mac…

For now it´s ok!