V-Ray - must change lights one at a time?

I have 100 lights on a layer. I’d like to edit light settings via select all.

What I do: choose the lights layer, select all, click edit in vray, and then make changes to the fixture settings in vray.

What happens: The changes only affect a single light, although all the lights are highlighted as selected in rhino view. Vray changes its display settings for all the lights, but the new settings do not flow to all the lights in the Rhino. For example, if I “select all” for a layer of 100 lights and then click ‘edit in vray’ and then change the cone angle from 1.0 to .5 … then vray will report a cone angle of .5 for all 100 lights … however, vray will only render and rhino will only shrink the icon for cone angle for a single light … the remaining 99 lights will report a cone angle value of .5 in vray, but will actually continue to render a cone angle of 1.0.

What did i try: I tried to select multiple lights in the vray lights setting menu/list … vray will not allow me to select multiple lights in that list. I tried ungrouping all the lights. I made sure the lights were not coming in via a block. I tried both GPU and non-GPU modes.

Any ideas?

It is a drag to go to each and every light to change light settings.

Thanks, Jeff

Which version of vray?

In vray 3.4 you need to make a group with the lights, then select the group and you can edit all the lights changing only one value

For rhino lights:

  • Select all lights you want to change
  • Open the light properties dialog
  • Change i.e. intensity. All lights will get the same intensity.

For SpotLights the spotlight hardness can be changed just like that as well.

For V-Ray lights I don’t know if that’ll work, though.


Thanks. I expected Vray lights to function same as Rhino. However, that does not seem to be the case.

Thanks. I’ll try this.

Did you learn this from somewhere in the manual … or trial and error?


I am using Vray 3.4.

Update: When Grouping the lights, I observed when in Interactive mode, changing light intensity sometimes stops the Interactive mode and I have to clear the image and restart the Interactive render. When doing so, I observed that I can change the “Intensity” of multiple lights either via your Group method … or by Select All at the layer level.

However, neither Grouping nor Select All at the layer level allows for changing cone angle or penumbra angle for multiple lights. Restarting the Interactive render does not fix this issue.

Rt in vray 3.4 is not working as it should… But i am pretty sure that if you make a group of lights of the same type, then select the group, in the light editor of vray every change you make is applied to all the lights… I will check tomorrow morning anyway

I’ll look forward to your result.

I did that and it did not work for me.