V-Ray load protect Rhino crash on Grasshopper start

If I load protect the V-Ray plug-in, when I try and start Grasshopper, Rhino will crash with no crash reporting window. Is there a way I can remove the V-Ray Grasshopper components?


Normally, components are installed into the %appdata%\Grasshopper\Libraries\
folder. Just move the V-Ray components to a different folder.

If they are not there, right-clicking on a component in the toolbar, you can access Component Info. That will tell you the file path and file name of the components.

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This is known and has been logged under RH-46503.

I’m going to try and figure out if I can carry over load protection from Rhino plugins into Grasshopper plugins.

In the meantime, you can completely hide the VRay grasshopper components from Rhino6 by putting a file with the same name but the extension .no6 next to the gha file. You can also load protect the VRay gha inside Grasshopper (obviously only after you let it load without crashing). You’ll be asked every single startup whether you want it, but provided you answer correctly you shouldn’t crash.

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just wondering, any progress on this? :slight_smile: