V-Ray Grasshopper - Render in Project doesn´t work

I´m trying to render some vrscene geometries imported to grasshopper, and everything seems to work before the render in project component, in fact, if I render with just the V-ray render it works. I tried to do the same steps but with another type of geometry and applying a generic material but it doesn´t work either.

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here it works as expected, can you try with the attached?
simple_proxy.gh (17.7 KB) test.zip (17.9 KB) (contains the test proxy)

should give something like this:

Noo, it happens exactly the same, the Render in project doesn´t work, actually, if I render with the V-ray render it doesn´t show the colors of the objects, just a red tone.

in that case, maybe @Nikolay can advise what’s going on