V-Ray for Grasshopper: Material from File Path?

How can I feed the V-Ray Geometry node a material as a path to a .vrmat, just as V-Ray Material from File can?

I need to dynamically update the Material in different animation steps, so the component to select a file is not useable. The output out of it seems to be just a file path, but obviously something else is going on in the background.

Is there a way to just give the V-Ray Geometry component a path to a V-Ray material or another node to load a V-Ray Material from a file path (but where I just input a path and not select it in a file browser window).

Not having a way to just input a path means any sort of batch rendering where a material might change from Grasshopper is not possible, which would be a real shame. Surely Grasshopper should enable to do things that are not possible in Rhino.


you can’t plug strings into the VGeo component. It looks like the MtlFromFile’s output is a string, because its ToString() method is overridden to display a string.

well, it is certainly possible, just plug the string in the “Material from File” component. GH does not display a input bump on the left side, but it is there.

Multiple inputs for animation workflows is also easily achievable:

in this situation - certainly it is not

No doubt about that

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