V-Ray 5 for Rhino is officially out

This news just in…

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With very usefull and interesting new tools.
check the websites: https://www.chaosgroup.com/vray/rhino#new

Oh well that was a rather short beta phase:


and this demo video does not show vray integrated into rhino, looks to be standalone / external from rhino:

I would be interested to see how the workflow in rhino 7 looks like.

OK, looks like the video shows their live scene viewer called V-Ray Vision
I would give it a try, but currently I have absolutely no time to play around :frowning:
That’s why I’m looking forward to some more demo and workflow videos.

This a more complete list of new features:

IMO The V5 is probably the first version that really worth the cost.
V3, 3.6 and NEXTwere bug fixing named with new number but this is introducing 3 or 4 amazing tools that are game changer.

Enjoy !

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I wonder what kind of hardware you need to get results like that shown in the demo video. V-Ray Vision looks great but do you need an ultra high spec machine? I couldn’t see any info in the YouTube description.

I usually upgrade but haven’t been doing much rendering lately so not sure I will this time. Looks good though.

you you don’t need powerfull hardware to get those results, you only need powerful hardware to get those results quickly :wink:

rendering is done most efficiently on the GPU and most renderers including vray make full use of nvidias proprietary cuda. the new thing is to let the RT cores on nvidia cards do the rendering work, that is the fastest you can currently get. in blender/cycles it’s called optix vray just seems to call the same thing RTX but I’m not sure, maybe there is a difference.

Good point.

Sounds like an RTX card might be in my future. Sounds expensive.

you are lucky if you can get a 3080 for around 800 bucks. 3090 is way more expensive but does not perform that much more, just the bigger vram might be interesting. 3070 is easier to get your hands on and probably the best value of the new 3000 series cards.

super refresh cards expected as early as Q1 2021 with silicon from TSMC instead of samsung.

Hi Nathan, are there any updates on By parent texture mapping? Because I tested Vray 5 Beta and it has now some randomizing texture features but still when applied to blocks that vary in scale, the texture map still gets streched.

The texture gets stretched because the block is stretched, along with the texturing gizmo/widget that is on the stretched object inside the block

I know, that’s why I’m requesting for a by parent texture mapping feature wherein it uses the OCS frame as uvw coordinate as opposed to wcs. That way blocks can maintain proper uvw scaling no matter the variation in scale This has been discussed before in a different forum.

The uvws are always by parent. It always takes transformations of the stack of blocks from the innermost to the outermost block instance. I believe here you want to cancel the scalling part of the whole transformation only. Am I right?

I was repeating what @pascal said in a different topic. Nevertheless, I think you are right. Maybe By Parent Texture should not be the term used. I think what i’m really asking for is a Texture mapping option for a Block ?

Here is the link to the forum I was talking about.


V-Ray 5 is bloody amazing. I’m using it since beta and although Lightmix is still a bit buggy, it’s a huge step forward.


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