V-Ray 1.5 for Rhino slow start


my friend’s company is experiencing very long startup times of Rhino files when V-Ray is activated. Now they came to me for help.

After a few test, we believe the problem is not with us, but with V-Ray software. Something seems to slow the whole thing down if there are a lot of Materials in the Scene.

However - since the network setup in our case is quite comlicated I was wondering if someone is experiencing the same problems - before we really blame the software (it’s easy :slight_smile:


  • Is there anyone using Rhino 5 64 Bit and V-Ray 1.50.22564 and experiencing trouble of this kind
  • Is anyone running Rhino 5 64 Bit and V-Ray 1.5 on a daily basis and NOT experiencing any problems?


Daily I use a nightly beta build here (1.6), also with a lot of materials and geometry. The only slowness I see is the loading of the plugin during the Rhino start. I use a local license only.

@KarlW I have trouble like this with the current version 1.5.22564.
Problem I have it’s because Vray it’s checking license every 2 minute and most of the time the server doesn’ t answer in time ad vray freeze waiting for next 2 minute.
not sure, but in the coming beta could be solved.

@skysurfer: there is a simple solution, if I remember me right you need to go to the “V-Ray For Rhino.ini” at C:\ProgramData\ASGvis and change the timeout to -1.